Happy Birthday to me

After last year, I pretty much decided just to ignore my birthday’s from now on. Someone tried to make the last one special however it ended up being dead leaves and the dirty ground so I thought it best to just play it down, if at all, moving forward.

Well that wasn’t to be, as my children contacted me to organise to spend some time. So I took the day off work to be with my daughter then had dinner organised by my son at the restaurant in the establishment that my daughter was managing that night. We were all together, along with the two wonderful people they have chosen to be with. I was treated to drinks and fine dining, as well as gifts and great conversation. I was also treated to praise from my daughter’s boyfriend of 6 years for the ‘awesome job I did bringing her up’. Then my son’s girlfriend also chimed in to mirror the same sentiment in regards to my son. Both of these beautiful young adults love my children for the amazing people they truly are. They are proud of them and also make them happy, which in turn warms my heart to no end. It was such a joy seeing the love in their eyes.
What I silly woman, I was. I could have missed the best gift of all.