It’s Time

I had a bit of a wake up call over the Easter weekend when I was visiting friends in Melbourne.

It was one dear friend in particular who made me realise I am just floating along with no real regard to my life. Granted, I am still healing over 2013 and its heart-breaking events, but he truly made me realise that I’m going no where fast under my very own steam.

He absolutely didn’t say or do anything deliberate, it was just the general conversation we had and the fact that he says he always asks people: ‘What are you looking forward to right now’ or words to that effect. I struggled to have a response. I cant even see me in the future, let alone have anything to look forward to and thinking on that I have realised it is not a very good way to be at all. I do know it’s a product of a life where I’ve put everyone else first, which is strange coming from an Only Child. I guess that it is a little one-sided and I know the old adage ‘Love yourself first’ – I even preach that to all and sundry – I just haven’t learnt how to practice what I preach.

So it’s time. Time to do some real thinking, deep down, not just surface thinking to get me through to the next day.

What do I want out of life? How can I start to make my way to what I want out of life? How can I keep progressing towards what I want out of life?

Because I am sure well and truly over what I am getting out of life now..